Aconite Co.

I'm the co-founder and CEO of Aconite, a game startup. Every game Aconite makes uses emerging technology to tell stories in new ways.

HoloVista: a mixed reality mind bender

HoloVista, Aconite's first title, is a dreamlike XR mobile game about uncovering your unconscious mind via exploring a high-tech mansion that adjusts to fit the occupant. Playing out on a fictional social media app in the near future, the game tackles themes of mental health, luxury, perception, and family.

HoloVista was a cult hit that received wide critical acclaim. It won nine awards, received 14 more nominations, got exhibited at SIGGRAPH, and was in Metacritic's Top 10 IOS games of 2020. A partial list of accolades includes:

The Bureau of Multiversal Arbitration

One of the most exciting and innovative uses of AI image generation that I’ve seen

Alex Hern, The Guardian

The Bureau of Multiversal Arbitration was a narrative game that used generative AI as a core mechanic to unlock creativity, collaboration, and emergent storytelling.

Structured as a series of weekly events, the game's three phases involved players collaborating to create/submit images, voting on each other's submissions, and receiving video updates documenting the consequences of their actions.